Fork In The Road Nutrition Counseling, LLC is not in-network with any insurance companies and, therefore, full payment is due at the time of consultation. Documentation needed for filing for out-of-network benefits will be provided upon request, but it is the responsibility of the client to file all claims.

Nutrition counseling is conducted on an individual basis, but support system members may be involved in sessions as deemed appropriate by the RD.* Clients with eating disorders are encouraged to develop a comprehensive treatment team for the best long-term outcome. Clients may be referred to a higher level of care before starting outpatient treatment. Referrals will be provided as needed.

*All minors should be accompanied by at least one parent or caregiver for sessions, unless indicated otherwise by the RD. However, the caregiver may not be present for entire sessions.

The initial nutrition counseling session typically lasts 60-75 minutes during which the RD will collect a thorough nutrition history, answer client questions, and provide an initial nutrition treatment plan. In most cases, follow-up nutrition counseling sessions are needed for lasting behavior change.  Follow-up sessions typically require 30-45 minutes.

Please be advised that nutrition counseling sessions have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy and ALL sessions will be charged in full if appropriate notice is not provided.

Rates are as follows:

$150 for Initial Session

$105 for 45 min Follow-Up

​$85 for 30 min Follow-Up

Fork In The Road Nutrition Counseling, LLC is an outpatient private practice that provides individualized nutrition counseling for clients with eating disorders/ disordered eating. Amanda also provides clinical supervision for Eating Disorder dietitians looking to advance their skills and/or for professional support.  All care is rooted in a non-diet approach that focuses on behavior change and overall health improvement. Healing one's relationship with food, working towards body acceptance, and creating sustainable lifestyle changes are the primary targets. To contact Amanda, please email:

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